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The Brainware AI System

Real-time brain trauma metrics and risk profiles using 2D video


Data You Can Trust

01. Real-Time Analytics

Brainware AI calculates and tracks acute and chronic brain trauma levels in real-time to ensure athletes, parents, sideline staff, and medical professionals have the information they need to keep their athletes safe. 

02. Cost-Effective

Brainware AI requires only 2D video to quantify and track brain trauma making it accessible to athletes across the globe. No need for expensive mouthguards that require constant upkeep.

03. Science-Based

Brainware AI is based on the current gold standard for quantifying brain trauma. Our algorithms are built on thousands of impact reconstructions using the highest fidelity brain models. 

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The Team

The Team

Gwyneth Ross.png
Gwyneth Ross, PhD
Clara Karton.png
Clara Karton, PhD
Blaine Hoshizaki.png
Ryan Graham.png
Allison Clouthier.png
T. Blaine Hoshizaki, PhD
Ryan Graham, PhD
Allison Clouthier, PhD
Head Trauma Research & 
Business Development
Data Science &
Technology Research &
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